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Tuscany / 9 is inspired by Renaissance painting as well as Italy’s diverse architectonic styles.  Based on a series of drawings made in 2017 during a trip to Tuscany the work reflects the ever-changing structures of man build environments where shapes are constantly built up, torn down and the old is merged with the new.

These works are created by wrapping natural rope around a wooden panel to create a base surface similar to a raw canvas. The shapes are created by wrapping each strand of rope with cotton thread. 

The materials I use evoke emotional qualities, associating the pieces with time, patience and labor. I like to emphasize elements of the work that are not just geometry but also about a textural quality that conveys the softness of fabric or tapestry. The process of wrapping represents the physical tension in the work, while the visual tension is provided by the composition. - Senem

Tuscany 9 studio view
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