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“The Light” was inspired by my time at home, teaching my eight-year-old son, Oliver, science this week. We marveled at the sun, and the moon and the stars. We learned of constellations and rotation and galaxies far, far away, as we poured over his text book and recorded the phases of the moon. 


The subject got me thinking about the dichotomy of light and dark, especially during this time in quarantine. The lightness—joy of spending time with family, unfettered evenings and home-cooked meals—has been starkly juxtaposed with the darkness of isolation, worry and loss.


I temporarily found a place of calm amidst the uncertainty last week. It led to a breakthrough in my work, a transparency that had not existed before and showed itself through thin, fragile material. This piece is another step in that new direction.


As I focused more outwardly this week and tried to quiet my internal unrest, I found lightness in my work, but within the context of darkness. Emerson’s words say it all, “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

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