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Since the stay at home order for COVID-19, I've been painting the Black Rat Snake. It began with a door, in homage to a snake that lives under my back stairs. I found it so comforting to busy my hands, and focus my brain on the curves and lines, feeling the brushing of the paint to the board that I just started the exercise of painting the same images over and over again in different configurations on some plywood. 


At the studio, when I procrastinate about making new work, it's because I'm anxious and worried that it won't be 'good'. If you can relate, check out the books 'Art and Fear' or 'View from the Studio Door’. When I start to feel the pressure that stops me from actually exploring and get too wrapped up with success and failure, I start with what I know, and just make things I've made before. In time, new ideas and directions arise.


So these paintings are a practice based on what I know, my hands are familiar with the shapes, the curves the images. As my daughter says, 'yea, your usual'. 

Rat Snake
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