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As a scaled-down extension of the larger Livvia series, Livvielle IV explores how transition and control relate to response within an environment. There is a balance of organic and architectural elements at play, a sense of structure beginning to form around the amorphous. 


In his book "The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace", John Paul Lederach asks the question: "What would happen if leaders of national and global politics invoked the artist, particularly at times when violence is present or its use is about to be justified?" He goes on to reflect, "Rarely, if ever when faced with large-scale life-and-death issues do leaders invite artists – from musicians and poets to painters, filmmakers, and playwrights – to respond imaginatively from within their disciplines to the challenges they face as leaders. Yet in the aftermath of the events that follow, it is often the artist who penetrates the deeper essence of humanity's plight. Why not in the foremath?"

Livvielle IV

Livvielle IV detail.

Livvielle IV

The Alchemy of Things: Interiors Shaped by Curious Minds

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