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Leyrie II - shown here - and its companion work, Leyrie I, were painted in my home in September 2019. To look back on these works in the context in which they were made is like discerning the opening chords of a song that later encapsulates an epoch of life. The ensuing six months brought me – creatively, spatially, personally – to levels I could not have imagined. 


Through curious discoveries and intentional practices, I uncovered new references and pushed my process to greater depths. My workspace evolved, first to a small studio outside of my home and then to an expansive gallery where I was able to make my largest paintings to date. A firm/gentle balance flowed through my work, evidence of emboldening support from relationships characterized by tender understanding.


Recent weeks have subsequently delivered a shock to all of us, and we now stay home – which, for me, brings the rhythm back to its origin. While I witness widespread suffering in the world, I am grateful for the safety of my home that serves as a sanctuary. I hope to cultivate whatever individual and collective goodness this global disruption and dissonance might awaken.

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