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Throughout shelter-in-place I've been drawn to certain rooms at home that have a calming nature.  Rooms to retreat to for peace and quiet.  No TV, no news.  Rooms with books and design magazines.  Rooms with simple values and art.  From my Horizons series from 2018 - 2020,  this piece illustrates how photography has the ability to take you to another place and time.    

The series of work is a reflection of serenity - pure and simple - untroubled, calm, peaceful.  Its simple.  When considering new works I often reflect on scale and space for the work and how it will cast an essence into a room.  As a large scale artists (most of the time) I find that consideration to be very important.   

A large Horizon work is heading out to its new home this week with the mission this collection represents.

no. 627 at home

horizon no. 627 at home.

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