Throughout shelter-in-place I've been drawn to certain rooms at home that have a calming nature.  Rooms to retreat to for peace and quiet - a morning cup of coffee.  No TV, no news, no toys, no clutter, just things I love.  Rooms with special books and design magazines.  Rooms with simple values and art.  As I prepare a collection of Water Horizons from 2018 - 2020 I realize that living with this particular piece at home has quietly led me to create the collection of this subject.  

The body of work is a reflection of serenity - pure and simple - untroubled, calm, peaceful.  This work has helped me restore the feeling / state-of-mind throughout this uncertain time.  And by creating a collection of it I am sure it will bring the same tranquility to new spaces. 


Test strips for the new body of work have been printed and a large Water Horizon  is heading out to its new home this week with the mission this collection represents.

horizon no. 627 at home.