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Pigment print on hemp (2020)

22.5 x 18 inches

by Cas Friese

Faded Desert no.0996 is the first of a new collection of natural fiber fabric prints - a new method I adopted for combining photography with 100% hemp fabric. 

While the outset of this collection was to combine texture and a rawness between the material and the imagery, it also holds symbolic meaning of strength and sustainability.    Hemp fibers are long and sturdy and the fabric is soft, but it is also highly durable and can last up to three times the length of cotton fabrics.  When I began to learn about hemp its qualities likened to the plants I had photographed in the desert.    

Once the image is printed onto the fabric in NYC I remove the backing and deckle the edge before framing.  The pieces are all slightly different in the edge detailing and produced one of a kind. 

no. 0996 shot in 2019 in the deserts of Arizona.   At the time I shot a series of desert flora withstanding the dry, bitter desert elements, some entangled in fences or on rocky peaks. 

edge work on no.0996

no. 0996
no. 0996

closer look at material weave pattern

no. 0996
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