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Shot in 2017 and first printed in 2019, Day As Night no.39 is an iconic American image - the American road tripping vehicle of the 60s and 70s captured in the desert.


In this case, this past work has taken on new meaning.  We are living in a time where travel is essentially banned (or seemingly very unsafe) and the dream of it runs through the veins of those who adore it.  As the country begins to slowly emerge from shelter-in-place orders, people who seek travel may find themselves returning to road tripping as a way to catch a glimpse of travel until it is deemed safe again to do otherwise.  This piece highlighting just that and the simple joys that can be found in a more simplified journey resonates with where we are are today - taking lessons learned from time in quarantine and rolling them forward.  Let is also be a symbol of hope that the US is on the road to recovery and the pandemic will soon be dust in the rearview mirror.

Day As Night no. 039
Day As Night no. 039

Day As Night no. 039 studio prints 9 x 12 formatted as 16 x 20 - edition of 50.

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