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Nestled on a dune, one simple building rests alone.   This image was shot one morning in Amagansett, NY with a light storm rolling in.  The skies were a painting, the wind was brewing and as I looked across the dune I thought about the treasure of simplicity and this one simple building.    This piece has always brought me thoughts of stillness, simplicity and peacefulness.

When we began shelter in place in March I took a trip to the studio to gather things and close up the operation.  I looked at this piece and saw it in a different way.  With all the new uncertainties and changes we were going through it felt like a representation of our separateness, our isolation.    


Now that we have lived with the changes for some time and have began to adapt and understand more about this temporary change in circumstances, I have once again found new meaning in this image.   When I look at it now it represents so many positives that have come from this time spent at home, living in a much simpler way and how life going forward will be impacted by these experiences.  It is as though art is living and is on the journey with us  - and time and place impacts our perspective and the meaning we see and feel from it.   

no.16 is a piece form the first collection of Day As Night.   Day as Night is a body of work shot in daytime, but at a glance the tones and darkness lend themselves to a night setting.


Day As Night no.16 in studio

Day As Night no.16

Detail from Day As Night no.16 

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