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Day As Night no. 1252 is from my first collection of Day As Night released in 2019.  It was a departure from my work seen as ethereal and muted.  In many ways I felt as though it expressed the perfect opposition to my Faded works and a different focal point in the image. 


No. 1252 was shot on the coastline of California in 2018 and the first printed work created in 2019.  Despite the large size of this work the dark aesthetic creates a tension that requires the image to be studied closer to uncover the subtle beauties that lie in the different areas of the piece. For me, this work illustrates so vividly the quote from Henri Matisse - 'There are always flowers, for those who want to see them.'    Some may see the wild brush as weeds, thistle, or tiny flowers.  I'm drawn to those brushy wild flowers - rough around the edges but so simple and beautiful. Others look to the sky, the cliff edge or the endless horizon where the water meets the clouds.  All perspectives are right - the image takes on different meanings through our different lenses. 

When first creating Day As Night I wrote that the collection was one that forced us to be present, to take time to look within, to discover - there is a beauty in the darkness.  Now more than ever these words carry greater significance.  I have found myself fortunate to be safe at home - learning, reflecting, and finding time for meaningful connection and community during this dark moment.  We are together in our separateness - doing our part through distance.

day as night no.1252
Cas Friese

Day As Night no.1252  54 x 72"  half size artist proof review in studio

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