Cas Friese (b.1979) ​is an American photographer; a California native, by way of London and New York, now residing in the northeast with her family.

Her work is influenced by a culmination of extensive global experiences, her Californian roots and innate love for travel.  Her eye is attracted to subtle beauties, etherial in nature, resulting in images that evoke a deep sense of place.​


"You could say my works have a very livable interpretation - an ease about them. My main collections present completely different tonal expressions of the same subject and although the optics contrast they are completely harmonious and share in the same serenity." —Cas

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Gallery + Studio


CAS Studio

193 Perry Ave.


Norwarlk, CT 06850


instagram  @casfriese


Day As Night no.1252
Faded Desert no.0996
Day As Night no.16
no. 627
day as night no.039
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