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Ascend is a diptych of no. 7321 from the Structure collection featuring man made structures and architecture.  This work is presented as a set of 16 x 20" archival pigment prints, with the print matter measuring 10 x 10".

The title given to this work, Ascend, was for the work to represent the visual depiction to move upward.  It also shows two very different interpretations of the same image - the most found concepts in my work known as Day As Night and Faded, respectively.  The opposition between the two aspects lends way to the thought of perspective from where one stands.  Not only is there a duality of light and dark, but also in direction.

These days are riddled in ambivalence.  Whether one works in the medical profession and faces all that comes with that great service and great risk, or one is managing more roles than seemingly possible...the list goes on.  Each day our mindset could  (rightfully) shift. Which is why we must try to ascend, move up, out, forward.

With most of my production facilities closed as non-essential business, this work is being shared unframed, unfinished - marking this moment in time.

Ascend . Day As Night

Ascend (in part) unframed during the pandemic.

No.7321 was shot in January of 2019 at the passing of one of the most impressionable figures in my upbringing.  She embodied a strength, confidence, a can-do attitude in a time that it was uncharacteristic for woman to blatantly exhibit such qualities, and she owned her femininity.  She lived the motto 'keep moving' through the good times and the bad, focusing on the present and future with an educated view of the past.  She formed my view of this piece and in many other respects.  Her name was Virginia (b.1923).

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