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Living in a pandemic has shifted our focus, our daily norms, and way of life. While we keep our physical distance and shelter in place, we are reminded in countless ways that we are not alone.


This unprecedented adversity of a global health crisis challenges us to connect - despite our collective apartness in this uncertain time. As we adapt to the tangible qualities of human connection being stripped away, we now draw deep meaning from every connection we create - taking nothing for granted – including the relationships we cultivate within ourselves.


While the art world events have come to a halt - from student shows in school cafeterias to major retrospectives at revered institutions - art and creativity continue to flourish, perhaps fueled by the human desire to make meaning in the darkest of times. In the disruption of lockdown, we may be afforded time for deep work and reflection. 


More than just a forum for documenting and featuring art, the t o g e t h e r n e s s  e x h i b i t is designed to share collective works by an intentional group of artists. Offering a mirror to our new shared reflections, we have forged a paradoxical union in this time of separation.  Each week we will showcase an artist’s work digitally, reimagining art exhibits together through an innovative virtual window. 

The t o g e t h e r n e s s  e x h i b i t celebrates creative connection: enhanced by our differences and distances - inspired in a new normal - and defined by openness, curiosity, and collaboration.

ENTER exhibits to learn more about each contributing artist and their works.

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